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is a platform of Graduate Engineers, Qualified Staffs & Supervisors, Skilled Technicians & Workers and a few like minded associate Organisation. From 1981, it is working in the field of Testing, Manufacturing & Consultancy in Metallurgical Engineering and its allied field.

is to strengthen process for achieving self-reliance of Indian Industries by developing & manufacturing of Import Substitute items and providing specialised engineering Services to industries for achieving longer life with continuous reliable performance of their major equipment and quality (comparable to International Standard) of their products.

is to meet new challenges and opportunities after globalisation of Indian economy, where Indian Industries are an integral part of vast global market. It aspires to be amongst the leaders in its field of activity, contributing to the objectives of assisting Indian Industries in keeping their independent existence and growth in the internal as well as in the external market.

is to be recognised as an example for upholding the banner of ‘Self Reliance’ in Indian Industries and ranked among the top ten within our country in its chosen areas of activities.
TMC's Policy
Customer friendly organisation, sincere And innovative.
Provide competitive & reliable deliveries of Services and Products.
Network with Industries, R & D and academic organisation and competent individuals to strengthen activities.
Ensure continuous process of learning of their employees by providing opportunities to understand advance developments, adopt new skills and enhance intellectual abilities.
Build sense of belongings & teamwork among employees by providing a fair and rational distribution system.
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Past Projects
  • Failure analysis & reusability Study of Pylon Erection Crane of 2nd. Hooghly River Project after overload failure at Howrah end.
  • Reusability Study of 120 Km. Grooved Copper Contact Wire of Railway Overhead Electrification System at Baroda-Godra line.
  • Failure analysis, Reusability study, repairing procedure preparation & inspection during repair of Boiler Drum of Unit. 18 after 54 Nos. Ligament crack at Mulajore Generating Station, CESC Ltd. Kolkata.
  • Failure analysis & reusability study of Steam Turbine Blades after localised blade failure.
  • Failure analysis of Titanium Condenser Tube weld at Al-Hiswa Thermal power plant,Republic of Yemen.